All Our Sisters Luncheon

Tuesday May 8, 2018
Coast Bastion, Nanaimo
10:30 – 11:30 – VIP Reception
11:30 – 1:30 Luncheon
Guest Speaker: Susan Scott – Author and Activist


About the Event: This event is intended to mark a turning point in our awareness of the impact of women’s poverty on the community and to serve as a call to action to end women’s homelessness on Vancouver Island. It will take the collective action of women and men, businesses, social agencies and government to fuel this movement of change, with the clear belief that shelter is a human right.

You should attend this luncheon if you…

  • Are concerned about the economic impact on communities because of homelessness
  • Are an individual, business owner, community activist or civic leader, who cares about poverty and homelessness on Vancouver Island
  • Are concerned about the economic impact on communities because of homelessness
  • Are considering a political or community leadership role and need to understand what your stakeholders are thinking

About our Speaker: A freelancer focusing on poverty issues, Susan Scott has written and spoken extensively about women and children. Most notably, her 2007 book, All Our Sisters, made changes at the local and national level, inspiring Canada’s first and second conference on women and homelessness. She is also the author of No Fixed Address and The Beginning of the End, a history of the Calgary Homeless Foundation. She currently volunteers with an organization that supports marginalized mothers and their children.

“We decided to organize this luncheon for two important reasons. First – to raise money for our $2 Million More Room for Hope Campaign to expand Samaritan House, the only shelter for women experiencing homelessness north of the Malahat. And second – to bring awareness to the staggering statistics about women who are experiencing homelessness in our community. People don’t realize that over half of the women who turn to us for help are over the age of 50 – many of them in their 60’s and 70’s. When we have to turn them away because we are full at Samaritan House, there is nowhere for them to go. They are forced to find shelter in parks, vacant lots or return to unsafe situations where they risk assault and further trauma. It is simply not acceptable!” – Violet Hayes, Executive Director of ICCS

Event proceeds will support the $2 Million More Room for Hope campaign to expand Samaritan House, Nanaimo’s only homeless shelter for women. On most nights, women are turned away because of lack of room and with no where else to go, they are vulnerable to assault and further suffering.

Susan Scott
Susan Scott

TICKETS are on sale now:

Luncheon $50

VIP additional $50 (includes private pre-lunch reception, signed copy of Susan’s book “All Our Sisters” and premium seating at luncheon)

For sponsorship inquiries or more information about this event or the campaign, contact Janice.

Phone: (778) 441-4227