Thursday September 30th is Canada’s first Truth and Reconciliation Day.  It is a day to reflect and remember, but also to move forward from the devastating legacy of the past towards a better tomorrow.

As an ICCS team, we often ponder big issues, including those of intergenerational trauma, poverty and injustice that affect many in our programs, and in our community.  These are issues that have laced through our collective past, and continue to devastate our present.  The residential schools system created damage to the lost children, survivors and families affected immediately by it, and substantiated a wider systemic and community damage that lives with us to this day.  As ICCS we stand in solidarity with those who have been impacted by these realities, and by the horrible discoveries throughout this year of children whose lives were truncated by injustice.

On this day, as every day, it behoves us to pause and remember, and then, together, move forward to try and create a future that is better.




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