ICCS is a registered non-profit society that helps people in crisis stabilize and then find the support, resources, and services they need to recover and be well. We work in cooperation with Provincial and Federal agencies, community groups, and faith-based organizations to develop housing options and programs that respect the needs of individuals with multiple challenges or concurrent disorders.

Together with professionals in the social service field we created Crescent House which has become a model used by communities throughout BC. This successful model provides a short term “oasis in the storm” where individuals can rest and recover before they move to independent living or other forms of housing.

Our Vision is: “To provide shelter and care for those in need, reflecting the love of God in loving one another.” We have been hands of care in the heart of the island since 1989.


Our Story

The Island Crisis Care Society started with a few concerned citizens who noticed that many people in our community were struggling with addictions and needed shelter and food, before they could make the recovery they needed.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. It is to help our community and the people in it make the full recovery they require.

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What Does Housing Mean?

The Island Crisis Care Society provides many different type of housing for those who enter our doors. We provide Transitional housing, Supportive, and Rent subsidies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Financial Statements for ICCS

The Island Crisis Care Society is transparent with all its finances, and they can be viewed here:

Island Crisis Care Society Financials – Year Ending 31 Mar 2015