Christmas Hope

Give the gift of hope this Christmas!

Project Rise is a new ICCS program offering life-changing pre-employment training and work placements to clients who are rising out of homelessness into hope. 

Even a small gift can make a difference

 $20 can support one hour of the program for one client. 

 $80 will support a full day of the program for one client.

 $400 will support one client for one week of the program.

Each participant will have 20 hours of training or work placement per week for a total of 12 weeks.

It is anticipated that 10 clients will pass through the program every quarter – 40 in a year!


It is nearly Christmas, and we at ICCS are looking forward to a festive time with family and colleagues and clients, and a moment to reflect on the amazing year we have seen.

One of the newest and most exciting programs that has initiated during this busy year is Project Rise.

ICCS is blessed to be able to offer a spectrum of programs to support clients wherever they are on their trajectory to recovery – from drop in crisis programming through supportive housing and assisted living programs, all the way to transitional and supported independent housing.

 Through all of this programming there sometimes remains a gap in for clients who are ready to take the next steps towards independence in the community.  Many lack the experience and the confidence to successfully enter the employment market, or to access work experience opportunities.  Without responsive and appropriate support and thoughtful entry points into positive activity and connection, given in a timely way, clients may be set up to fail.

Project Rise aims to change this, offering targeted life skills and pre-employment skills training, connections and work placements for clients to allow them to progress towards independence.

 Each training and placement program will be tailored to individual capacities and potential trajectory in two distinct phases of intervention.

  • Phase 1 – Pre-employment training.   The pre-employment phase of the program will provide training in essential skills from financial literacy to communication and conflict resolution and connection skills, or essential pre-employment skills from professional conduct through interview presentation and CV development – readying clients for either independent workforce entry, or for potential work experience placements in phase 2 of the program.
  • Phase 2– Work experience placements.  The second phase of Project Rise will be to identify a match between work-ready clients and potential employment-placement opportunities in businesses across the program area. The Project Rise team will actively seek business and community partnerships in to increase potential placements and collaborate with the and Nanaimo Career Centre.

While the program is exciting and will have an incredible impact on clients, for it to be a success we need support.

At this special time of year, one way to do this is by “gifting” an hour of client support to one of your friends or family?  Make a small donation to the Christmas Hope campaign, and then cut off the special gift card at the top of your receipt to put in your favorite person’s stocking, or slip into a Christmas card.  Make your gifts doubly impactful – and full of hope!

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