Your gift can make the difference…

…in the life of someone in need in Nanaimo or Oceanside!

By donating to Island Crisis Care Society, you are coming alongside in our mission to provide shelter and care to those in need. Your gift tells some of the most vulnerable people in our communities that they matter and that you care.

Want to make an even bigger difference?  Become a monthly donor.  Even a small pledge each month can help keep our programs open and active – making an impact for real people, right now. 


Project Rise is a new ICCS program offering life-changing pre-employment training and work placements to clients who are rising out of homelessness into hope.  Even a small gift can make a difference

$20 can support one hour of the program for one client. 

$80 will support a full day of the program for one client.

$400 will support one client for one week of the program.

$4800 can support one client’s full participation in the program

Starting in 2022, every quarter, a cohort of 10 clients will have 20 hours of training or work placement per week for a total of 12 weeks.