Handmade for Hope

Handmade for Hope commenced in early 2020 working with clients to create handcrafts for the local market. Operating out of Orca Place, the project is intended to support ICCS clients in their trajectory towards independence through learning artisan skills, small scale business management and – most importantly – the soft skills of confidence and of connections with the community through volunteers and local artists. Through volunteer-led training, programme participants have gained hands-on skills in art and crafting. Initial revenues from product sales have been re-invested into project inputs, with a small proportion distributed directly to programme participants as a milestone of success.

Handmade for Hope CardHandmade for Hope relies on incredible support from community Volunteers to make various handmade items and teach program participants how to make them, themselves.  Participants learn key skills in crafting and learn to sell these items online and through community markets and ‘pop-up’ shops.  More importantly, they gain the confidence of creation and success – for hope.


For details on current products and activities go to: https://www.facebook.com/HandmadeForHopeOceanside/

To order items, go to:  https://handmade-for-hope.square.site/

To learn more about the impacts of Handmade for Hope programming on clients at Orca Place, check out this story by BC Housing: Orca Place Residents Learn New Skills