ICCS to operate interim supportive housing

Many women in Nanaimo are looking for supportive housing.

Island Crisis Care Society is pleased to confirm that we were chosen to operate interim supportive housing at 250 Terminal Avenue N.

We will continue to collaborate with municipal and provincial governments, partners, and community groups to make this project a success.

Homelessness has become more visible across Vancouver Island in the last few years and this visibility reflects a variety of contributing factors including high rent prices, trauma, and illness. Our goal is to help people who are homeless stabilize and recover their dignity and health.

The 2018 Point in Time Homeless Count found 335 individuals in Nanaimo living without a home. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in a solution that will help many of the most vulnerable of these people sleep safe and sound at night. We look forward to the positive impact this will have in the community.

Outreach Team

A multi-agency outreach team will build on outreach work already underway by the Canadian Mental Health Association and others. Team members will include BC Housing, The Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, Island Crisis Care Society, and Pacifica Housing. The team will be the point of contact for individuals interested in applying for housing.

Opportunities to Help

People who feel compassion for our suffering neighbours will have the opportunity to become part of the solution. Community groups, churches, cultural organizations, and individual citizens will be welcomed to contribute to the emergency response. When a coordination contact is available we will share it here.

Interim Supportive Housing

Interim supportive housing will be provided in the form of modular units like those used by companies to house workers at remote locations throughout BC. The property that ICCS will oversee will house approximately 80 individuals. We are discussing the best ways to accommodate vulnerable women. ICCS will provide intake, security, food services, and the support services. We will do everything we can to make these units welcoming and safe for residents and neighbours. Workers will assist residents to address goals for health, employment, and long-term housing.

Supportive Housing

Longer term Supportive Housing is planned for the site on which we will be operating the Interim Supportive Housing. The details of that housing will be made known as development progresses.

Employment Opportunities

ICCS will soon be advertising for support workers, outreach workers, and other positions.