BlueBank 2021

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Turning Thankfulness into Action

ICCS BlueBanks have held a special place in many homes and offices throughout the past years. The little blue houses have been a great visual reminder to support those in our city who do not have a safe space to call home.

This year, after a year of many uncertainties, changes and – despite all – hope, we are excited to call our community to action in the lead up to Thanksgiving, through BlueBank 2021 – Turning Thankfulness into Action.

On this page and through our social media sites we will share ideas through the coming weeks about what we can do to contemplate and enact our gratitude in a tangible way now, in this season of reflection and throughout the year.

For more information contact us at

To donate now and support our work to bring gratitude into action for the most vulnerable people in our community, go to: BlueBank2021

Click on these videos to remember our call to action last year, in #BlueBank2020