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Volunteers are at the heart of Island Crisis Care Society. The society was formed and run by volunteers for many years, and we still rely on the spirit and power of volunteerism to carry out our mission.


Let’s Make a Difference!

With over 10 programs operating with the support of volunteers, we provide a variety of different volunteer opportunities in both Nanaimo and Parksville, including positions supporting clients directly, supporting staff and other volunteers, but also providing support within our programs.

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Some areas that may need volunteer support are:

Head Office/Specific Events

Office Administration, donation sorting, gardening/landscaping, Christmas campaign, Coldest Night of the Year and other annual events.

Program Opportunities

(Support behind the scenes)

Landscaping, cleaning/organizing, grocery pickups, foodbank shopping, kitchen chef support, etc.

Client Based Opportunities

(Lead & support staff & other volunteers)

Bingo, arts/crafts, games, baking & social time, gardening with clients, coffee time, hairstylists, barbers, estheticians, footcare, fitness or musical instruction, hiking/walking groups, certified or licensed therapy/counselling, mindfulness, or meditation coaches, etc.

Understanding our volunteer process

We ask all volunteers to start by completing an online application form. This form helps us get to know the volunteer applicant and assess the best placement for each individual volunteer.

Once the application has been received and processed, we will contact you with additional forms to complete, instructions on how to complete the online criminal record check, and inform you about our online volunteer training.

Each month our volunteers have access to complete our online volunteer training. The training is completely online and self-paced, so volunteers have the ability to start and stop at their leisure. Volunteers will typically have 7-10 days to complete the training, but extensions are available should you need them.

Once the training is complete and the paperwork has been received, the volunteer will participate in a short interview and placement assessment with the volunteer coordinator to select the best fit for the volunteer. The interview may take place at the ICCC community office, or on site, depending.

Please know that our volunteer process, including criminal record check, training and interviewing often takes up to 1-2 months to complete. If you are looking for a quick placement, or short term commitment, please contact Sara directly at volunteercoordinator@iccare.ca

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