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Volunteers are at the heart of Island Crisis Care Society. The society was formed and run by volunteers for many years and we still rely on the spirit and power of volunteerism to carry out our mission.

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With over 10 programs operating with the support of volunteers, we provide a variety of different volunteer opportunities, including positions supporting clients directly, supporting staff and other volunteers, but also supporting within our programs.

LEAD POSITIONS – Interested in a position that follows your passion and unique skills you have? Consider one of our Lead roles, allowing you to self-direct your opportunity.

SUPPORT POSITIONS – Interested in focusing on supporting staff and volunteers with activities? Consider one of our Support roles, allowing you flexibility to follow the lead of others, focusing on the activity provided.

PROGRAM POSITIONS – Interested in supporting our mission, and the programs directly? Consider a Program position supporting behind the scenes, allowing our programs to run smoothly.


volunteer opportunities Nanaimo

Office Admin Volunteer

Lead Position – Head Office
Volunteer Posting Description

Client Activities – Bingo Volunteer

Lead Position – Samaritan Place
Volunteer Posting Description

Grocery Pickup Volunteer

Program Position – Assisted Living
Volunteer Posting Description

Yard Work Volunteer

Lead Position – Samaritan Place
Volunteer Posting Description

Haircuts and styling Volunteer

Program Position – Safe Harbour House/The Bridge

Spring Cleaning Volunteer

Program Position – Safe Harbour House/The Bridge

volunteer opportunities Parksville

Recreation Support Volunteer

Support Position – Orca Place

Activities Volunteer

Lead Position – Orca Place

Client Activities – Bingo Volunteer

Lead Position – Orca Place
Volunteer Posting Description

Fitness Instructor

Lead Position – Orca Place
Volunteer Posting Description

Haircuts and Styling Volunteer

Lead Position – Orca Place


  • Members of professional organizations are invited to provide pro bono services to ICCS or to our clients;
  • Certified or licensed therapists and counselors are invited to provide counselling and other mental health services;
  • Artists, crafts people, business people, and educators can give presentations or be mentors as part of “Handmade for Hope”;
  • Hairdressers, stylists, barbers, and estheticians are encouraged to bring their services to our programs;
  • Service clubs and business groups are welcome to carry out projects from gardening to repairs to special meal presentations, and more;
  • Professional and amateur gardeners and landscapers are welcome to keep the horticultural therapy going with beautiful grounds and gardens;
  • Practicum students and interns in social work, support work, communications, and graphic design, are welcome to join us;
  • Mindfulness and meditation coaches and teachers are welcome to support staff, volunteers, and clients with stress reduction sessions;
  • Chaplains, pastors, and church groups can apply to provide services where chapel space is available;
  • Members of ICCS can expand their role by applying to be a Director of the society.
katimavik Volunteer

Mel, one of our wonderful katimavik volunteers mans the check-in table at our AGM

Mel, one of our wonderful Katimavik volunteers at the check-in table at our AGM with our Bookkeeper Janice.

All individuals who apply to volunteer in a program, or to provide services to clients, are screened and require a criminal record check.

If you are interested in any of the above ways to serve, or have another idea to be involved as a volunteer, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Sara, at volunteercoordinator@iccare.ca or call our office at 250-585-5505


One of the most fun ways to support the work we do is through one of our events or campaigns. Here are a few of the regular ones where volunteers play a special part:

Coldest Night of the Year

CNOY Volunteers

Two Coldest Night of the Year Volunteers!

Our largest fundraising event is our annual Coldest Night of the Year walk. We need walkers, drivers, organizers, team leaders, cooks, and registration desk volunteers.

Blue Bank Campaign

We would love your help getting churches, local business, and anyone else to participate in the Blue Bank Campaign, our annual lead up to Thanksgiving, remembering the homes and families we are grateful for, and supporting those who do not have a home.  Help us get the word out, or gather a group of your friends to show your thanks in a tangible way.

Create Your Own Event

We welcome groups and individuals to host an event for a program that is special to you, or to help the whole society. Bake sales, silent auctions, board game tournaments—the options are endless! We call these “third party events” and we have guidelines to understand how it all works.

Volunteer and Staff

Long time volunteer Janet with Samaritan House program manager Ronell back in 2015 when Janet completed her volunteer training.

Volunteer Training Program

A short volunteer training program is normally offered for those interested in volunteering with us.  Spurred by the current pandemic, we are developing on-line modules for volunteers to access this training, which should be ready in early 2021.

If you have worked with vulnerable adults in the past, or if you have experience in the field of medicine or social services, there may be an opportunity to help without the full ICCS volunteer training.

Working in Programs

Volunteer opportunities to work alongside staff in ICCS programs is limited at this time to practicum students, professionals, and individuals already approved to work in these capacities.

Social Enterprise and Recovery Programs

Volunteer Planting Herbs at Newcastle

A volunteer plants herbs at Newcastle Place

We are interested in deeper discussions with anyone with experience developing and implementing volunteer-based social enterprises, support groups, and recovery programs. One of our long-term goals is to provide more structured opportunities for mental health recovery, substance use recovery, and overall growth and thriving for our clients and also for our members, volunteers, and employees. Contact Richard, the Director of Development, to discuss how you might contribute to these strategic goals. rpowell@iccare.ca