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  • At this time most or all of the messages sent by ICCS are exempt from the Canadian Law (CASL) that restricts the sending of commercial electronic messages without explicit consent. This is because CASL does not apply to messages sent by a registered charity when the primary purpose is fundraising. Other types of messages are also exempt for us including messages that promote our activities, messages that share news, and messages that tell about people, businesses, and other organizations who support us, as long as it is clear that we are not promoting or engaging in a commercial activity. It is also permissible for us to tell you about activities that may include a cost-recovery element such as charging a small fee for materials or supplies for an event. Messages that promote ticket sales where the proceeds go directly to us are also permitted. Even with these exemptions, we ask for your explicit permission because we believe it is respectful and prudent. We are thoughtful and careful about the number and content of the messages we send. We make every effort to make them interesting and relevant.
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