Amanda Wagner

Amanda Wagner ICCS Nanaimo

Chaplaincy Committee member

Amanda is a stay-at-home parent to two busy young boys and a community advocate for marginalized and unsheltered people in the Mid-Island region. She has a background in the Arts and Theatre holding a diploma in Stagecraft. She also has a history of Office Administration and support. Some of the roles Amanda has had over the years include Youth Leader, Facilitator/Administrator in Outreach Missions Education, Parent Advisory Committee Director 2016-2018, Parent Advisory Committee Executive Team/Secretary 2018-2021, Secretary for Kidfest Society Oceanside 2018/2019, Member of the Board at St Stephens United Church 2018/2019 and Municipal Candidate for Parksville, BC 2018. Amanda joined the board at Island Crisis Care Society to make a difference by adding her voice of creativity and perspective to the table.