Rick Sevenhuysen

Rick Sevenhuysen ICCS Nanaimo

Interim Treasurer
Audit Committee member

Rick joined ICCS as a director in 2014.  He graduated as an Electrical Engineer from UBC in 1982 and worked for BC Hydro as a manager in the Peace Area for nine years and then on Vancouver Island for 23 years, prior to retiring in 2014.  He now works as a consulting engineer in the electrical utility business.  Together with his wife Arlene they raised five active children, and now have six grandchildren as well.

Rick enjoys travelling, electronics, fixing things, and pretending to be a farmer on his small hobby farm.  He has volunteered in various roles at Christ Community Church in Nanaimo, and was a director at the Nanaimo Christian School for ten years as they expanded rapidly in the early 2000s.

Rick has a deep respect for the work that ICCS has done during its many years of caring for the disadvantaged in our community and is now honoured to be able to play a small part in the ongoing work that ICCS continues to do.