Parksville Winter Shelter update

In response to recent information released regarding the changes to Orca Place, located at 222 Corfield St. in Parksville, Island Crisis Care Society would like to share the following news.

Last week we learned that Orca Place will no longer host the Parksville Winter Shelter. We have operated the Parksville Winter Shelter for the previous two years (November – March) out of Arbutus Grove Church in Parksville. This space included one large room with eight bed mats, a washroom (toilet and sink), and a small kitchen. Though graciously provided by the Arbutus Grove congregation, the space has proven inadequate for the growing needs of the community. With separate dorm rooms for men and women, and access to showers, warm meals, and additional supports such as counselling and substance use/mental health supports, Orca Place would have provided a space fully equipped to meet the needs of those in the community experiencing crisis.

We are saddened that this essential service will no longer be part of Orca Place but are hopeful that the community will work to find a new location for the Winter Shelter that will help provide the best possible outcomes for those in our community most in need during the winter months.

The plans for the kitchen facility within Orca Place remain unchanged from the original plans for the site. This kitchen will offer two healthy, balanced meals to Orca Place supportive housing residents 7 days per week.

At last count, the Oceanside Homelessness Outreach Support Team (HOST) has received 116 applications for the 52 supportive housing units located within Orca Place. We are looking forward to welcoming all selected applicants to their new homes over the coming weeks and months. However, the sheer number of applications proves that the need for affordable housing within Oceanside is great.

Five years ago, the Oceanside Task Force on Homelessness recognized the need for affordable and supportive housing in Oceanside. At that time, Island Crisis Care Society amended its organizational mission to reflect these needs. The issues that we are facing in Oceanside are not unique to this community. Homelessness, poverty, substance use and mental health are issues present in nearly every community, small or large, across our country. At Island Crisis Care Society, we remain committed to our mission, “To provide shelter and care to those in need”.

On behalf of our organization and those we serve, thank you for your continued support, encouragement and willingness to walk alongside us in our mission.

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