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Crescent House ICCS Nanaimo

5 Sobering Beds and 3 Crisis Stabilization Beds

Crescent House supports individuals towards recovery who were previously trapped in cycles of crisis and relapse. Shelters, the RCMP and other service providers recommend individuals to Crescent House for the use of the sobering beds after confirming eligibility with a simple checklist and phone call. Men and women can also walk up to the service between 6 am and midnight re admitted if they are 19 or older, under the influence of intoxicants, seeking sleep, and able to change into pajamas and give basic information. There is a short list of rules they must follow during their stay and they must be willing to be screened, assessed, and monitored. Support Workers assess individual’s bio-psycho-social-spiritual status during intoxication and provide First Aid when necessary. An Island Health Nurse provides clinical assessment, education, and referrals.

Crisis stabilization beds provide longer stabilization for individuals seeking additional services.

Sobering Beds

As a harm reduction service, we provide therapeutic interventions based on a focused scope of service:

  • Five beds with regular checks as required
  • Support Workers assess individual’s bio-psycho-social-spiritual status during intoxication
  • An Island Health Nurse (Mental Health and Substance Use Services) can provide clinical assessment, education, and referrals as needed
  • First aid
  • Snacks and a shower

Access is through recommendations from: Shelters, RCMP, the Emergency Department, and Psychiatric Emergency Services. Between 6 am and midnight, individuals may walk up to the house to seek access without a recommendation. The maximum stay is 23 hours, and six hours must elapse before re-admission.

Assisted Living and Stabilization

Crescent House also offers one assisted living and one stabilization bed.

The comfortable home has a pleasant garden that helps create a sense of tranquillity and is located near the regional hospital and other health services.

On-site ICCS support workers provide 24 hour supervision and hospitality while clinical support is provided by the following Island Health teams: Community Support, Assertive Community Treatment, Forensic Services, and Crisis Response. Clinicians on these teams assess clients and provide case planning and in-service visits.

Created in 2001 as part of the Walking to Wellness project, the program demonstrates the success of treating clients with co-occurring disorders according to an integrated service approach. This partnership has seen results for individuals who previously were trapped in cycles of crisis and relapse.

Access is through assessment by Nanaimo Mental Health and Substance Use Services.