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5 Crisis Stabilization Beds

Safe Harbour House provides assisted living under the Provincial Government’s Supportive Recovery classification. It also provides safe housing and psychosocial support to people experiencing a mental health or substance-use related crises. The Program has a recovery focus and referrals are triaged and managed by Island Health’s COR team (Community Outreach Response Team).

Most beds are utilized to prevent unnecessary hospitalization, to transition an Island Health client to housing after a stay in the hospital, as temporary respite, or to provide a safe place for monitoring and recovery.

Stays at Safe Harbour are from overnight to 2 weeks—and sometimes longer— reflecting the program focus on bridging the gaps between health services.

On-site ICCS support workers provide supervision, hospitality services, and assistance with care and functions for relearning the skills for independent living. The house is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure safety and hospitality. Residents have their own private room and enjoy home cooked meals. The space behind the house is a serenity garden maintained by ICCS volunteers, staff, and clients.

Services are directed towards adults with serious and persistent mental health issues who may also have problems with substance use. All five beds are for the exclusive use of Nanaimo Mental Health and Substance Use teams with two of those beds made available for use by clients referred by Island Health clinicians at Clearview Centre.  Island Health’s Crisis Response Team provides primary assessment and clinical support.

Safe Harbour was built through the vision and cooperative efforts of many individuals and businesses who gave time, expertise, labour, and materials, including the donation of land.

Operating funding is provided by Island Health and the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation, as well as donations and fundraising.