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Nanaimo resource brochure

Download our Nanaimo Community Resources brochure (by clicking on the image above)

The community programs at ICCS are comprised of the Community Housing Program, Project Rise, LifeSkills, the allocated Canada British Columbia Housing Benefit Rent Subsidies (CBCHB), the allocated Supported Rent Supplement Program Rent Subsidies (SRSP), Oceanside Community Outreach, and the Housing and Outreach Support Team (HOST) Outreach Program in the Oceanside community.

community programs
On the photo from left to right: Lindy, Alexis, Sharon, Michelle, Emily and Shayla)

The Project Rise Program is a skills-based employment training program with an optional work experience opportunity. The program is facilitated by our Project Rise coordinator who can be reached at: to answer any questions

The LifeSkills program provides life skills, information, supports and resources to all three of our ICCS housing sites: Orca Place, Samaritan Place and Newcastle. More information regarding our LifeSkills program can be requested by emailing our LifeSkills coordinator at:

We also provide both supported and regular rent subsidies through the allocation of CBCHB and SRSP rent subsidies from BC Housing to help those households access appropriate, affordable, safe, and inclusive housing in their community. Referral packages can be requested by emailing our SRSP outreach worker at:

Our Oceanside community outreach worker is based out of Orca Place in the Oceanside community. However, for most of the day, the OCO worker is out in the community connecting with clients who have no fixed address or clients that are under housed or unhoused in order to help them access housing. More information can be requested by emailing our OCO worker at:

We also have our HOST outreach worker who helps those individuals who are housed, but still need a little bit of extra support throughout the week. More information can be requested by emailing our HOST outreach worker at:

More information about our Community Programs can be requested by emailing our Community Programs manager Sharon at: