Newcastle Place

Newcastle Place is like its own small village, buzzing with life and activity. Program clients come and go or just hang out together, enjoying each other’s company, or the creative buzz of the many activities that seem always to be happening.

In late 2018, BC Housing purchased property at 250 Terminal Avenue to locate modular buildings to provide temporary supportive housing for people experiencing and at risk of homelessness in the community, including those who were residing at a tent city in the downtown area that needed to be closed down quickly. Within days, Newcastle came to life.

The focus at Newcastle place is to provide an affordable, safe, secure home for people who have a low income, have been or are at risk of homelessness, and require supports with mental health and/or substance use. At Newcastle, program clients have their own small room, and have access to washrooms, laundry, and a dining room, to meet their basic needs – things that many did not have for yours before their stay at Newcastle Place. They also have the opportunity to interact with a variety of trained staff and visiting health professionals each day, with efficient and direct referrals to treatment options, onsite health and medical services, and employment and life skills programming. Support is offered in the form of encouragement, care, and resources that allow people to gain or maintain health and well being.

As a large presence in the community, Newcastle Place has opportunities for neighbours and stakeholders in the community to learn about and give feedback through the community advisory committee (CAC). The committee serves to build and maintain positive relationships in the community, facilitate information sharing and dialogue, and identify and resolve any issues, opportunities, and concerns related to the program’s operation.