Parksville Winter Shelter

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Parksville Winter Shelter

For the winter of 2016/17 the Parksville Extreme Weather Shelter provided temporary shelter to Oceanside residents (Parksville, Qualicum, Coombs, Errington, and surrounding areas). Originally opened as an extreme weather shelter in the fall, it expanded to daily operation thanks to community donations, volunteers, and the commitment of Oceanside HOST (Homelessness Outreach Support Team).

For the winter of 2017/18 ICCS plans to offer the Parksville Winter Shelter, a nightly shelter in a new location. It will likely offer eight beds per night and be open from 6 pm to 8 am. The essentials of life—a bed, bedding, meals, and hygiene supplies—will be provided.

Operating funding for 2017/18 will be from Oceanside HOST and BC Housing.

As of May 24th 2017, the Oceanside Shelter closed. We expect to reopen in November.