Project Rise, Fanny & Doug

Project Rise, Fanny

A few weeks ago, I met with Emily, our Project Rise coordinator, and two program participants, to chat with them about their experience as well as their hopes for the future.

My first interviewee, Fanny, tells me she heard about Project Rise at Samaritan Place, one of our supportive housing programs where she was staying at the time. “They put up some posts on the wall stating what is happening at Project Rise,” she explains. It is what got her interested in applying for the program.

“I heard good things about the program and I found it interesting and intriguing. So I signed up for it”, she says and adds that she thought it beneficial to acquire some certificates that might help her get a job afterwards. Participants in Project Rise go through training and workshops during which they can acquire a variety of certificates.

Fanny points out that she has learned a lot of new things. ”It’s been really good. Hopefully it’ll open my doors for more job opportunities”, she says. “I loved the visit to the farm. I also really enjoyed the computer work. I am not too familiar with computers, but Emily has been really great with helping me out in that area. I have learned lots”, she adds.

Asked about her dreams for the future, she says that she would like to become a nurse. “I don’t quite have the education yet and I know it’s a lot of work and you have to go to school for a long time, but it’s one of my goals” she says.

For now, Fanny is happy about the certificates she has completed. “I passed my food safe test and am working on my serving it right. I also renewed my WHMIS. It’s been a good time and it’s been a good group. Emily’s wonderful, she really is. She goes above and beyond. We’re pretty lucky to have her.”

Doug, Project RiseDoug also heard about Project Rise at Samaritan Place where he is living. What got him motivated to apply for the program, I ask. “The certificates, the work experience and the computer stuff”, he explains and adds “all the class stuff was fun.”

Curious how his work placement at Steld Farms is going, Doug tells me that it is fun and that he hopes he will get another job afterwards.

The certificates he has been getting stand out as one of the best things about the program for Doug. With a smile he adds “I really like all the snacks and cookies and Emily, of course”.

Emily, who has been attending the interview, points out that when they went to Growing Opportunities (one of the work host farms) Doug took the initiative and fixed a lawnmower there.

As far as his hopes and dreams for the future go, Doug, who seems like a very compassionate person, would like to keep working at the farm and ultimately open a shelter for unhoused people struggling with addiction.

Both participants’ enthusiasm during the program highlighted not only their individual growth but also the supportive environment of Project Rise and Emily’s mentorship. They both expressed gratitude for the opportunities presented to them, the friendships and connections formed, and the skills acquired.

Project Rise is a program of Island Crisis Care Society (ICCS) aimed to deliver pre-employment and employment skills training and work placement opportunities to people who have experienced homelessness but are now ready to re-integrate more fully into independence and community life.

Please go to our program page to find out more and to apply.