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With all of the exciting changes happening around Project Rise and the new link that ICCS will have to the Nanaimo Bakery and Café through Rising Hope Services Inc. we will need our community around us more than ever. There are so many ways that our supporters can continue to be involved in this work, and for new supporters to come on board.

Join us to make a difference!

How can I support Project Rise?

It takes a community to support the work of changing lives. Here are some ideas:

  • Support Nanaimo Bakery! If you’ve never been to the Nanaimo Bakery, or haven’t been for a while, come and check it out! This Nanaimo institution offers some of the tastiest treats around and we will be working hard to keep this tradition alive! Now, when you feed your body, you can also feed your soul by directly supporting the ongoing work of Island Crisis Care Society in our community!
  • Individual and corporate donations:  Consider supporting the on-going work of all ICCS programs, including Project Rise, through a direct momentary donation to the work of Island Crisis Care Society. Sending your donation for use where it is most needed allows us to ensure that it is used wisely and faithfully to support key needs and programs for all ICCS clients.
  • Become a monthly donor. While all donations to our programs have incredible value, committing to make a regular, monthly donation brings a predictability to our funding base that can allow for more effective and long term planning for our clients and programs.
  • For businesses and community employers:  As we progress in developing our employment skills training and work placements, we will be looking to develop lasting partnerships with local employers who are interested in the unique opportunity to embrace inclusive hiring practices. If you are interested in learning more about what this might look like for your business or organization, please contact us.

For more information about what Inclusive Hiring could look like for your business, check out this great resource created by our friends at Mission Possible in Vancouver.
Learn more about inclusive hiring practises

  • For foundations and other community partners:  One of the most appealing factors of this project has been that it will open up potential for ICCS to collaborate in new and enhanced ways with the other great organizations in our community. Whether you are part of a foundation, looking to invest into an amazing program, or you are another like minded organization in need of meeting space or other resources, we want to connect with you!

Send us an email at or call us at (778) 441-4227.