Launch of Project Rise

Project Rise

21 June 2021 – Island Crisis Care Society is excited to announce an exciting new venture!

In an effort to ensure the on-going responsiveness of its programming to clients and community, Island Crisis Care Society (ICCS) has taken a bold and exciting step forward; moving into the realms of social enterprise and community connections programming with the launch of Project Rise. This new ICCS program will enhance our current portfolio of programming by offering training and pre-employment skills to clients, supporting them on their path towards recovery and independence.

A key component of this new project will be the acquisition and social purpose conversion of an established and respected local business, Nanaimo Bakery & Confectionery Ltd. Beginning July 30, 2021, the bakery and the building it is housed in at 2025 Bowen Rd will be owned and managed by the newly established social purpose company, Rising Hope Services Inc., a subsidiary of Island Crisis Care Society.

Project Rise will provide a space for ICCS clients who are ready to take their next steps forward to gain valuable work experience through select training placements, which will give them skills for a more hopeful future. Employment skills training will channel into a wider employment program, linking clients with skills and potential for independence into learning opportunities which may change their lives. Alongside these operations, the larger building at 2025 Bowen Rd. will be adapted to house ICCS and Project Rise program offices as well as new community collaboration spaces to benefit the most vulnerable in the community.

While this new program is exciting, it is only one of the now 13 programs of ICCS. Each of those programs is important in its own right, meeting the needs of clients where they are. Each one is very necessary in the context of on-going need in the Nanaimo and Oceanside areas, and all need support.

For more information on Project Rise and the social purpose conversion of the Nanaimo Bakery and Café, including information about how to get involved go to:

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