Project Rise Phases

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Project Rise phases


This exciting project has a number of phases which we will be taking on over the coming weeks and months. We wanted to share some of these highlights:

Summer 2021:

  • Rising Hope Services Inc. will be created. This new company will then complete the purchase of Nanaimo Bakery Corporation and the building it is housed in. The Nanaimo Bakery will continue to operate status quo, offering the same amazing products that it has come to be known for through the years.
  • ICCS will launch “Project Rise Employment Program” which will help to equip those who face barriers to traditional employment with the skills and understanding needed to find gainful and fulfilling employment. Participants will receive pre-employment readiness support and training and then will have the opportunity to access work placements within ICCS, other businesses and organizations throughout the community, and eventually, within the Nanaimo Bakery.

Fall 2021:

  • Relocation of ICCS Head Office to 2025 Bowen Rd. This larger office space will provide much needed programming and workshop spaces to aid in the ongoing work of ICCS but will also be available to partner organizations and stakeholders, offering program space for their on-going good work. This will be a space for important collaboration as we work to meet the growing needs of the mid-Island region. It will also be a space to coordinate our wider, ongoing programming in ICCS, providing space for innovation, new program and client support ideas, and learning.
  • Nanaimo Bakery will develop an online presence, providing more opportunities to share fine European Style baking and confectionery to the local community and beyond.

Throughout 2022:

  • Nanaimo Bakery will continue to develop its new identity as a social purpose enterprise, building upon the legacy of providing exceptional quality, European style baking and confectionary but with a renewed social purpose. The “new” Nanaimo Bakery will support the community by providing valuable work experience to those who have traditionally faced multiple barriers to employment and will directly support the work of ICCS by returning a portion of all profits back to the society’s work in the community.
  • The Bakery is a foundation of the new and exciting developments we are planning for – but it is not the only one. The new facility at 2025 Bowen Road and the new office space will provide not just the opportunity for more and better collaboration, but for us to think about even more new ways we can support our clients and programs. It can’t happen all at once, but as a team we are committed to serving our clients and supporting them in their journeys in the best ways possible. The new space will allow some of this to happen!

Concurrently, our other, established programs will continue to thrive and adapt to changing client needs. The new BC Housing funded facility at 702 Nicol Street, managed by ICCS, will be opening some time in late 2021, and we will continue to be alert to other, new opportunities for our programs to respond even more effectively to the needs of our clients – and of other in Nanaimo and Oceanside who may be supported through our programs and care.