Volunteer Spotlight Jayne

Volunteer spotlight Jayne

Volunteers are crucial in so many ways at ICCS. Not only do they support clients directly, they also support staff and other volunteers and provide support within our programs.

This month, we would like to recognize and give thanks to our volunteer, Jayne. She has been volunteering with us for two years and has been invaluable during last year’s Christmas gift campaign making sure everything was organized and packaged properly to be handed out to our clients.

One of the questions I always ask our volunteers is “what inspired you to volunteer with ICCS?” For Jayne, it was the monthly volunteer newsletter that our volunteer coordinator sends out that inspired Jayne to find out more about ICCS and to come in for an interview

Asked about her favourite part of volunteering with ICCS Jayne points out that the time spent volunteering is time spent well. “You actually see the benefits of volunteering directly. What we do goes directly to the people that need it. So it’s very fulfilling.”

“Is there any particular situation or moment you can recall that stands out for you?” I ask.

“The excitement from the clients last year”, Jayne points out, “that I got to see a few of them receive their Christmas hampers and the gratitude and the joy that brought them, that was great.”

Jayne also volunteers in different programs such as Samaritan Place helping with special events like High Tea and arts and crafts. She says that “interacting with clients and seeing actual change, or the hope for change” makes volunteering at ICCS so rewarding.

“It’s nice to be able to just jump in and, and pick and choose where to volunteer” she remarks. “I think a lot of people, a lot of my friends, would like to do the same. There are a lot more opportunities to volunteer if it’s not a set commitment each time.”

With over 10 programs operating with the support of volunteers, we provide a variety of different volunteer opportunities in both Nanaimo and Parksville, including positions supporting clients directly, supporting staff and other volunteers, but also providing support within our programs. If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, please go to our website, www.islandcrisiscaresociety.ca/join-us/volunteer-with-us, or contact our volunteer coordinator Sara at volunteercoordinator@iccare.ca