Project Rise – What Changes, What Stays

Island Crisis Care Society / Project Rise – What Changes, What Stays


While this project marks a significant growth in the work of ICCS in Nanaimo and Oceanside, along with lots of changes there will be many things that stay the same as well, including:

  • ICCS’s commitment to the most vulnerable people in our community. Clients in our programs have often experienced tremendous trauma in their lives. They are exhausted and broken, and sometimes in fear of connection. One of the things which sets ICCS programs apart from other homelessness action is our focus on not just offering shelter and food, but on also offering support for our program participants. This will remain our commitment in the future.
  • The Nanaimo Bakery will continue to operate with quality, providing wonderful products and services for our community.
  • We will still need members of our community to come alongside us to make a difference!

There will be some changes, though:

  • We will be offering new chances for hope to ICCS clients, as they continue on their road to recovery and independence. While we are proud of the programs and support that we currently offer, we have noted that there remains a gap in supporting clients as they move to independence in equipping them with the skills they need to succeed. We hope that this work will allow this.
  • The success of Nanaimo Bakery will continue to grow! With such a strong foundational business, there is nowhere to go but up. We are convinced that the Bakery can only “Rise” in its success, with more and more people in our community learning about its excellent products and being impacted by the social impact this great business can bring.